Practice Areas

We represent our clients in all phases of litigation. At the same time, we understand that resolution of disputes before trial is often consistent with our clients' goals and desires. We are experienced in the following areas of practice:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are many avenues to dispute resolution that do not necessarily follow the traditional (and often expensive) route of trial. Our clients – and all litigants – deserve individual evaluations of their cases to determine the best avenue for resolution. At times, we are called on to serve as arbitrators in mandatory and UIM arbitrations. As arbitrators, we strive to take a reasoned and fair approach to liability determinations and damage awards.

Appellate Practice

Appellate practice is a unique discipline that requires experienced attorneys and the highest quality of analysis, research and writing. We have briefed and argued a wide range of issues before all divisions of the Washington Courts of Appeals, the Washington Supreme Court and before the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. Our attorneys have also prepared amicus briefs on behalf of individuals, business and corporate entities on matters of individual importance.

Civil Disputes

Our attorneys have a long and successful history of providing our clients with vigorous, high quality representation in varied types of disputes, including automobile accidents, property and boundary disputes, business disputes, contractual issues and applications, homeowners association disputes and personal/commercial liability matters. We are experienced in all stages of litigation, from settlement negotiations through arbitration and/or trial. We encourage our clients to consider alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, where it is appropriate. Many of our clients have dealt with non-traditional, complex claims such as defamation, malicious prosecution, civil rights violations and fire/property losses. In addition, we represent insurers in all types of first party litigation, including bad faith claims, declaratory actions, UIMand PIP arbitrations.

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Insurance coverage matters are usually complex. Coverage disputes require comprehension of current court decisions and how the law applies to many different circumstances. Our attorneys have significant experience analyzing insurance coverage disputes. We provide high quality advice to insurers on issues of defense, indemnity and liability. We perform coverage analysis and opinions for insurers and advise on reservation of rights issues and coverage denials. We have also assisted self-insureds and risk pool members in evaluating defense and indemnity requirements that arise from various types of claims.

Municipal Liability

The defense of cities, counties and other municipal entities frequently involves unique issues surrounding tort liability arising from necessary municipal functions. Many municipal liability cases are complex, involving high profile litigation. Our attorneys have defended numerous municipal entities and public utility districts throughout Washington in cases involving civil rights, Section 1983, police misconduct claims, state tort claims and contractual disputes.

Product Liability

Our firm represents individual and corporate clients in cases pertaining to manufacturing and design defects and tort liability. The scope of our representation includes all aspects of product liability litigation, both locally and nationally. Our attorneys have been involved in litigation defending clients in asbestos exposure, latex glove and pharmaceutical claims.